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  1. redgoblin88

    Getting a discord for TIFO

    a discord would be nice as it is not too bad to moderate, different roles can have their own private chanels (such as patreon channels, staff channels and TIFO-staff channel) plus it comes with decent voice channels, channel "groups" and you can also "mute" them if they get too busy with a message every second finally discord has a few handy tools such as audit logs (shows what staff have created or changed and if anybody has deleted or edited stuff) plus i think it has a "chat delay" featue oh and have i also mentioned that you can have custom bots too? so you can have a robot relay any new youtube video to a channel
  2. redgoblin88

    why can you not grow back teeth?

    i have always wondered. when were born we have two sets of teeth. firstly the infant weak ones and then a second row behind which are more stronger adult teeth. but if the human body can develop teeth whilst being developed in the womb then why can we not continue to grow them when born or growing up? granted they could grow too fast and big however in theory they would be like our ligament bones like arms or legs which can heal and grow back after surgery. teeth are after all, just bone. hmm but if teeth could grow back how would it affect the nerves? would it be painful or would it simply grow around them?