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    Tech History Series

    wabbit (){ wabbit|wabbit& };wabbit
  2. Omnikron13

    The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Series

    Regarding Latin pronunciation, perhaps Daven and The Internet™ are missing each others points? It has been quite common for people to claim that we can't know anything about Latin pronunciation because it is a dead language, but that much at least is untrue as it ignores what we can do with techniques like comparative linguistics studying its extant descendants (the Romance Languages in general). We of course can't work everything out with comparative linguistics, and we can't be 100% sure on the things we can work out, but we can be pretty sure on some points at least. (For another fascinating example of the usefulness of comparative linguistics, it's worth looking into what we've been able to work out about Proto-Indo-European, itself much older than Latin.)
  3. Omnikron13

    Podcast segment titles

    As much as 'Brain Jam' has a wonderful ring to it, it also conjures up images of people's heads being gib'd for me. =P
  4. Omnikron13

    Episode 21: The War Bear

    It's weird how much it bothers me that people now call the 'hash symbol' (#) the 'hashtag symbol', I mean, a hashtag is called a hashtag because it is a way of tagging a post using a hash, if the symbol itself is now 'hashtag' then they are hashtagtags... Can't hold back the tide though I guess.
  5. I have a feeling that the closest we get to 'English national dress' might be Morris Dancers, at least when I think of lederhosen I think of schuhplattler dancing so there is a parallel.