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A Christmas Podcast

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Great episode as usual, just jumped on to say that i am with Simon on the star wars is not really science fiction, space opera if anything, western, fantasy( because they have magic powers? maybe).


and the dead as a door nail was exactly what I had always learned, I grew up near a house that was build in the early 1700's and was still maintained as a museum, interesting aside they had a still working windmill. There was a gentleman who gave the tours and was a local historian, and he explained that it was especially important to bend the doornails over and 'dead' them, because the door would move and any moving part is going to shake out a nail, much less likely that they would have bent over a coffin nail. and in fact shingle nails were pulled and reused pretty frequently as reshingling was pretty common and had to be done rather often depending on the type of wood your shingles were made of.

Thanks for the shows!

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