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Taking the Mystery Out of Murder

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Just as a little follow up regarding police interviews. In the UK police aren't allowed to introduce false information/lie in interview and they have to collect evidence for the defence as well as prosecution. 

No comment interviews can be the best approach but equally courts can make inferences from no comment interviews especially if special warnings (s 36 /37 PACE 1984) are used.

Rules must be more lax for cops in the states but interviews are video and audio recorded (except in certain limited circumstances) and rules are pretty strict. 

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@Rich That is fascinating. In the states you absolutely have the "right to remain silent" without anything insinuated from that, or at least without anything insinuated that can be used in court. My impression from the video with the police interrogator and the lawyer is basically if the police are bringing you in for questioning, they already pretty much think you did it and are just trying to gather evidence against you.  Now, naturally, if in the interview it becomes apparent you didn't, they can of course stop and let you off, and that's what a good cop would do. But they're already coming at it from a stand point of you did it (so biased against you at this point) and it's entirely possible to be completely innocent, but because you're nervous and all say something that makes you look guilty, things like mixing up stories and time of events and all sorts of things like this where they might catch you in an accidental lie and what not, or even an intentional lie where you may be innocent, but you're worried they won't believe you unless you make your story sound good. And certainly from the sounds of it, the police are allowed to say pretty much whatever they want to get you to admit to something. And as outlined by the police interrogator, they are very, very good at getting information out of people with a whole host of psychological tricks.

So the general advice both gave was essentially to always talk to the police through a lawyer who will get the story from you and then filter appropriately to hopefully make you look sufficiently innocent for them to move on with the investigation and leave you out of it any further. 🙂

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Great podcast! I'm new and was wondering where to find the sources for your information. I'd really like to look into some of the stuff you talked about further. Keep up the good work!!

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