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Daven has short hair???

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Hi everyone, wasn't sure where to put this, so general is what I went with. Seems neutral enough.

Anyways. I used to watch TIFO Youtube, until I found Biographics podcast and then the Brainfood show. I was familiar with Simon, but Daven was new to me. I had only heard his voice until today. 

Knowning what little I had known about you, Daven, I imagined you having chin length shaggy brown hair, not sure why but that's just what I thought.

So today I pulled up the channel to watch the Liechtenstein mini-doc, and thought I'd watch a fact quickie. BOY WAS I SURPRISED when I heard Daven's voice come on, with a man who only had slightly more hair than Simon. It was a shock, for sure. 

Thought I'd share this funny experience I had today. Love the podcast, when's the next one coming??



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Ha! Unlike Simon though, short hair by choice. 😉  Funny enough my hair used to be a lot longer (of the shaggy brown variety like you say), but has turned darker as I got older and around college I decided, given my preference for shower before bed rather than the morning, that having hair was too much work. For a while just went with a hat to facilitate rolling out of bed at the last possible second to make it to classes / work without looking like a total ragamuffin, but ultimately switched to just shaving my hair super short every couple weeks. Also haven't had to pay for a haircut in almost two decades, and the shaving only takes a few minutes. 🙂

If you want to see a man who clearly loved his flowing long hair, google around for some old pictures of Simon when he had hair.  There is one in which he's on a boat that is particularly humorous given it looks a bit like one of those hair product commercials with the person with magnificent long hair flowing in the wind. He's so happy in that picture with his waving hair. 😉

As for the podcast, just still catching up on work after the move and what not, but should be able to start recording the podcast regularly again in a week or two. 🙂

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