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Can Being Exposed To Something More Really Make Us Like It More?

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There was a video that put out a few years ago by a channel called Veritasium that I recently rewatched. The video is called ""The Illusion of Truth" and the host cited two pieces of research findings, 1. The more something is repeated, the more it starts to appear true, and 2. The more a person is exposed to a stimulus, be it, a movie, song, or even a person, the fonder they'll likely become of it/him/her. For example, people rated people in yearbook photos as being more likable the more times they looked at those photos. It's that second bit of research that I want to bring up for discussion. Is there anything when you first saw or heard it, you thought it was okay at best, but as you listened to it or watched it more and more, you started to truly like it?

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