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We know our hosts, Daven and Simon, are big Jean-Luc Picard fans and were looking forward to the new Star Trek series "Star Trek: Picard".

So I think it would be appropriate to discuss the series here.

What are your thoughts on it so far?


I've only watched a few star trek episodes when I was little, and maybe a movie, so I won't have the most entitled opinion here. But I feel that the first episode is not the epic pilot type that most series have, and it's just the set up.

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Yep just a setup which is completely fine because it's got Patrick Stewart as Picard again. 👍

And in the great words of Karl Smallwood Patrick Stewart is a big dick G. I think Karl would agree with that statement if he hasn't already said it on his channel.


It's not going to be your typical Star Trek. But I think it will be better than that piece of crap but they call Discovery.

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As ever, I have not had time to watch yet, so may well wait until this season's over. Or maybe even the series! It's my normal preferred way to watch any show, but this one I'm willing to make an exception if I can drum up the time. 🙂  Normally I might just watch it while working out or something, but this one I actually just want to sit and watch and do nothing else. 🙂 Plus, had to switch to doing some work related things while working out the last month and probably until around April or May or so. But should be worth it. I'm really excited about this new little project I'm trying to squeeze in. 🙂

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