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I know I'm catching up on the podcasts, but the moment I heard you haven't had ranch I had to stop and come to the forums... that is insane. I hope for your sake you at least have tried good ketchup.  Without those 2 dipping sauces to cover EVERYTHING, I think no child in America would survive past toddlerhood. And please for the love of all good ranches.. do not try that subway ranch before your trip! Eww!  Haha love you guys! I listen with my puppy on walks. Keep up the tangential, bunny trails that's what makes the stories so good!-Amanda 

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Simon will be partaking in the Buttermilk Ranch of the gods in approximately a week, complimented with a delicious chicken, bacon, ranch pizza, buffalo wings and absolutely delicious cheesy bread. 😉  So, so good.

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