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The Final Frontier Part 5

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 No it’s a good thing, at least in my case it helps get all the bad thoughts from the day out of my head and it has me thinking about all the awesome stuff that you guys were talking about so it’s easier to get to sleep and not have lots of bad thoughts in my head and  nightmares, you make the nightmares go away and you make people be able to get sleep  it’s a very good thing thank you  for helping people sleep 

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I may have an answer as to why people use your podcast to fall asleep. I work as a night shift janitor, typically working 8-10 hours in a night. Since cleaning for that long can be boring, I usually listen to something on my phone while I am working.

I prefer to listen to people talking (such as podcasts and let's plays) as opposed to music. The reason for that is because the problem with music is if it is good, my mind wants to focus on that rather than my work. If it is bad, then I'm stuck listening to bad music for several hours. 

Human speech and conversation, such as older episodes (by which I mean episodes I've listened to before) of your podcast work better because it is interesting enough to keep my mind stimulated, but not so much that I am distracted. Let's plays do the same thing for me; they are in that sweet spot of interesting, but not distracting. I could see how this could also work to fall asleep. It's a form of "white noise" that works well for some people.

In any case, take it as a compliment. I love the podcast and the only reason I haven't left a review yet is because I can't figure out how to do that on the Google Play podcast thingy that I listen to it on. Also, look at it this way; if people fall asleep listening to the podcast, that helps your retention time statistics, right? And if they have autoplay on (if that's a thing on iTunes podcasts) that bumps up your number of hits. Every cloud has a silver lining, right?

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I dont listen to fall asleep. I listen to the shows while I'm driving home from work and walking the dog. I wouldn't be able to sleep listening to so many facts and history stories! I understand that your voices are calming, but it is way too interesting to not pay attention. And stop listening to the haters about the tangents being too long and sporadic. It is the best part of the show when you have info facts just pop up. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with everyone. Shout out to fellow lady listeners too. But unlike the other lady listener, I haven't tried peeing while standing. haha 

I have one last space question since you talked about random body fluids and other things not thought about in space. Has anyone talked about babies in space or is it a myth they would be malformed? Has NASA ever studied it Also, If you are a captain of a space ship can you officiate weddings like a sea captain? (Okay that may be a silly question idk.. )Thanks! 

Keep up the hard work. Praying for Simon's new marriage and both of your continued friendship towards each other, Amanda Sutherland 

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