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I thought in the first podcast you said there would be a "self-help" type section, and in that would be potential for book recommendations.  I always love learning about new things and I haven't heard much of it in the few podcasts I have listened to so far.  I would love for you guys to let us know some of your favorites during episodes.  Books, another podcast, youtube channels.  I have noticed sometimes you mention them off the cuff in a podcast but move by quickly.  I may be missing it somewhere but if you do that is there a link in the show notes of recommended things so we can quickly find it after the fact. ??

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Ya the original plan was to do sort of a "self-help" section covering some major point(s) in a relevant book or the like, as well as have other practical knowledge type stuff. Sort of making it a really long variety show, but very quickly feedback was that people didn't like the variety show idea and we should just stick to the main part.  At some point we may start a separate podcast for that kind of stuff though. ?

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