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I loved the discussion last month on the forums about Star Trek; and Daven and Simon's favorites and general thoughts about the different series.

I thought such an important topic needed its own thread. ?

I just started watching TNG, and since you have to watch them in order, I'm working my way through the first season. Oh my, it's so bad! Quite a bit of the acting and situations are just cringe worthy, But, knowing it gets better means it's hilarious and I can look forward to season 2. Still, it only took until the 2nd episode to fully empathize with the oft cited "Shut Up Wesley!".

Growing up, I mostly watched Voyager and Deep Space 9. Both are good, but I tend to prefer Voyager slightly because they always had new situations. 

I love how well Star Trek in general reflects on our own culture and forces us to think about our own assumptions. Hopefully the new Star Trek entries will continue this and not just devolve into action and drama for drama's sake. (Stargate suffered from this, SG-1 was fantastic, Atlantis was good, SG-Universe was godawful.)

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